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Cheap FIFA Mobile Players With High OVR

Whether its to meet the team Overall Rating(OVR) requirements of a league, get better % chances in the VS Attack mode, or just have a cooler team in general one thing is for sure – you always need to be on the lookout for higher OVR players with better stats in order to succeed in FIFA Mobile. To that end, here is my list of the cheapest and most cost effective FIFA Mobile Players with High OVRs.
 1. Álvaro Morata – ST
Álvaro Morata, newly of Chelsea, is the first player on our list. At 85 OVR he is a decently high level striker who can be had for a buy now price of around 22,000 coins. However, before splashing the cash on this acquisition make sure that you can’t just get him from one of the reoccurring football freeze events.

2. Digne – LWB

Left Wing Back Digne is the first of the new Bastille Day players to grace our list, but he won’t be the last. This new event flooded the market with cheap options that provide team bonuses, and Digne is no exception as he has an OVR of 84 and comes in at around 15,000 coins.

3. Kimpembe – CB

Kimpembe is another Bastille Day player, this time a centre-back. CB is one of the most important positions in the game, as nearly every decent formation uses multiple of the position. Enter Kimpembe who, with an OVR of 84, also costs around 15,000 coins. 

4. Mangala or Godín – CB

Fourth we have a couple of more expensive centre-backs, Bastille Day Mangala or good ole Diego Godín of Atletico Madrid. Both of these CBs are 85 OVR with better stats than similarly priced competition, and both can be bought for approximately 25,000 coins. 


5. Lens – RW

Players 5 and 6 on this list are definitely the biggest and best bang for your buck in the game right now. Number 5 is Lens, an 88 OVR right winger. This high level player will most likely stay in your team for a while to come, and the sheer number available has driven his purchase price down to around 20,000 coins.

6. Toornstra – CAM

Finally, saving the best for last, number 6 on the list is the Center Attacking Mid from Eredivisie- Toornstra. Toornstra is a level 88 OVR CAM with fantastic stats, including 3 bonus points for other Eredivisie players, who can be yours for only around 15,000 coins! With the number of formations that require CAMs it is no surprise that most VS attack teams seem to have him on the squad. If you’re looking to build a competitive squad from the player market there is no better place to start. 



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