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Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth – Quick Review


Developer: Media Vision | Publisher: Bandai Namco Games  | Release: February 2, 2016 | Platform: PS4, PSV

 Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Review


  • Using the multiple in game systems to build and train a team of Digimon for the turn-based combat is engaging. 
  • The art style and graphics are enjoyable and lend themselves well to the game’s source material. 
  • Cyber Sleuth’s general loop of exploring dungeons, battling and acquiring new Digimon, completing side quests, and advancing the main story, never feels like a chore as the loop can be in other JRPGs. 
  • Fans of the Digimon franchise will find a lot to appreciate in Cyber Sleuth, but fans of JRPGs in general can appreciate it as well. 


  • Several of the main characters in the story follow anime tropes to a disappointing degree. They fail to develop their own identity, outside of a select few, which in turn hurts the story as a whole. 
  • Although completing side quests is a good way to gain experience, it is easy to become under leveled for the main story without some grinding. 
  • Cyber Sleuth unfortunately uses the dated mechanic of random encounters as its method for initiating combat. 


JRPG fans will find a lot to love in Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth. But for Digimon fans, it is one of the best Digimon games ever made. 


Platform: PSV | Playtime: 74+ hrs



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