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Final Fantasy XV – Quick Review


Developer: Square Enix | Publisher: Square Enix  | Release: November 29, 2016 | Platform: PS4, XBO

 Final Fantasy XV Review


  • From the landscapes, architecture, and character models, the in-game world is beautifully crafted. All of these aspects come together to make Final Fantasy XV is one of the most visually impressive JRPGs of all time. 
  • Battles produce the best moments in Final Fantasy XV because the in-game combat is fast and fun. The spectacle of combat caused by the combination of special attacks, spells, and summons is unlike any other game. 
  • The four main characters are the heart and soul of the game. Their bond is highlighted through both the narrative and the gameplay. 
  • The mechanics behind stat management and character building are modern and well implemented. 
  • Final Fantasy XV has, without a doubt, one of the best scores in the series. The game’s main theme is a particular standout. 


  • Although the narrative ending of the game can be appreciated in most regards, it is disappointing in regards to how the story was built up to that point. 
  • Most side quests, which serve as your primary means of gaining items and leveling, amount to nothing more than going from point A to point B. 
  • There are a few aspects of the story, such as characters and lore, that feel underdeveloped and rushed. 


Even though it may not bring JRPGs back to the mainstream like Final Fantasy VII did, Final Fantasy XV represents a strong beginning of a new era for the once revered series. 

Platform: PS4 | Playtime: 50+ hrs



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