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Mass Effect: Andromeda – Quick Review


Developer: Bioware | Publisher: Electronic Arts | Release: March 21, 2017 | Platform: PS4, XBO, PC

 Mass Effect: Andromeda Review


  • Solid gunplay, varied enemies, and cool powers make combat fun
  • There are plenty of large worlds with interesting environments; I especially liked the low gravity areas
  • I will always love the races and lore from the initial mass effect galaxy
  • The various multiplayer maps and characters are solid


  • There are so many low effort side quests. The game tries to help you by breaking down their importance, but they still clutter your map and even supposedly more important quests sometimes have you driving halfway across the galaxy through multiple loading screens only to return to where you started.
  • There are some decent moments with the new crew, but overall they are a watered down shadow of the original group(s)
  • Even after multiple patches the facial animations vary wildly in quality and are often so uncanny that they wreck any emotional reactions (bad for an RPG)


As a longtime fan of the Mass Effect series I am probably one of only a select few that enjoyed the game enough to complete almost all of the side quests. I’m not sure it would be worth even a quick play through if you don’t already love Krogans, Turians, Salarians, Asari, and all the other greatest hits from the original trilogy. 

Platform: PC | Playtime: 89 hours



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