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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 – Quick Review


Developer: CyberConnect2 | Publisher: Bandai Namco Games  | Release: February 9, 2016 | Platform: PS4, XBO, PC

 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Review


  • The visual spectacle of the cinematic battles in Story Mode are still a sight to behold, even in this 5th installment of the series.
  • Storm 4 covers the Naruto manga until its last chapter so series fans will appreciate the final conclusion.
  • The fighting mechanics, while still being much simpler than most fighting games, have been further refined to make the game more competitive.
  • Characters from the entirety of the Naruto series have made into Storm 4 and their unique styles are faithfully represented.


  • Adventure Mode is far less inspired than previous entries in the Storm series. Exploring the world feels like a chore and all the quests are just regular battles with extra dialogue.
  • The core gameplay is showing it’s age and it doesn’t warrant the replay ability of other fighting games due to the simple game mechanics.


No other game series recreates anime combat at the level of the Naruto Storm games and Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is no exception. But the overly simple gameplay has become long in the tooth and makes Storm 4 an all too familiar experience. With that said, fans of Naruto will still find a lot to enjoy.


Platform: PS4 | Playtime: 30+ hrs



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