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Published on October 10th, 2016 | by Rand


Overcooked – Quick Review

Developer: Ghost Town Games | Publisher: Team 17  | Release: August 3, 2016 | Platform: PS4, XBO, PC

 Overcooked Review


  • Among numerous shooters, platformers, and RPGs, Overcooked stands out because it is a fun arcade style game about cooking in a restaurant.
  • Overcooked succeeds as a great co-op game because it encourages strategizing and teamwork in order to complete levels.
  • The art design and music are charming and memorable.
  • The creative level design will keep you always wanting to see what is next.


  • Overcooked has a fun narrative premise, but the end of the story is anti-climatic and disappointing.
  • A lot of the game’s fun factor is lost if it is not played cooperatively.
  • The competitive multiplayer is not nearly as entertaining as the cooperative multiplayer.


If you are looking for a cooperative game that is easy for gamers of all skill levels to pick up and appreciate, Overcooked is the game for you. But if you plan on playing it solo you are better off passing on it.


Platform: PS4 | Playtime: 10+ hrs


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