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Persona 5 – Quick Review


Developer: Atlus | Publisher: Atlus  | Release: April 4, 2017 | Platform: PS4, PS3

 Persona 5 Review


  • The art direction is immediately striking and bleeds into everything from the character designs to the menus. 
  • Persona 5 commits to the series turn based combat while also perfecting it over previous entries. 
  • Building relationships outside of combat with other characters is as addictive as ever and it now brings new mechanics to gameplay. 
  • Like previous games in the series, Persona 5 succeeds in making the player care about the main story through the core cast of characters.
  • The Persona 5 soundtrack is truly memorable and almost second to none.


  • There are multiple points in the game in which the narrative prevents you from exploring the world for seemingly arbitrary reasons. 
  • The first several of the hours of the game can feel less than inspiring.
  • Even though the story is entertaining over all, there are some parts that don’t stick the landing. 


Committing to Persona 5 is a lot to ask out of anyone. But those who do will find a stylish and mechanically engaging RPG that is unlike any other. 

Platform: PS4 | Playtime: 110+ hrs



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