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Developer: Blizzard Entertainment | Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment  | Release: May 24, 2016 | Platform: PS4, XBO, PC

Overwatch Review


  • 6v6 games with 21 heroes to choose from create unique and interesting battles and team compositions
  • Base controls and play styles are easy to pick up and contribute with, but also require effort and skill to master (Lucio’s wall running, Mercy’s glide, using Pharah’s knock back to keep aloft, etc.)
  • Overwatch has enough map and mode variety that the game should take many hours of play to get stale
  • Fantastic out-game lore via Blizzard’s Dope Character Comics and Hella Dope Animated Shorts
  • Characters are well built and have clear rock-paper-bastion counters
  • All Microtransactions are cosmetic only


  • While there are enough game modes for launch, there could have been more innovation in this area beyond the standard team shooter Control aka King of the Hill, Escort aka Payload, Assault aka Point Capture. However, the game did launch with a Brawl mode which should help keep the game modes fresh (and crazy).
  • As free cosmetic items are only obtained by random rewards when leveling your account, it takes a lot longer to receive new items after level 20 or so. Not only this, but the random nature of the boxes, the relative scarcity of free currency, and the large number of heroes means that most casual F2P players will have a hard time getting the legendary quality items for the heroes they most enjoy.


I’m sure I am not the only one that greeted Blizzard’s announcement that they were going to release their first ever FPS as their first new IP since Starcraft, but perhaps inevitably they delivered quality on both counts. True, there are some complaints about server tick rates and headshot hitboxes that will need to be addressed if there is ever going to be a eSports scene, but in the meantime Overwatch already has the spunky vibrance (and player base) that it needs to become a successful, and more importantly fun, franchise.


John and FedPlatinum Randy and RyanGold

Platform: PC | Playtime: ~250 hrs



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