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The Rating System

Here’s the thing about rating websites.  They use a rating system of x out of 5, x out of 10, xx% out of a hundred, and so on, but they’re all really just saying the same thing- how good of a try the developers gave it.

At Gamesmelter we’re pretty tired of that system.  The way we look at it, most of the time no one is going to play a game with a review in the 3’s or the 6’s or the 60’s… so why even give it a score?  Why do we care if it isn’t worth the player’s time?  Instead, we opted for the system below:

NoMedal – a game we wouldn’t recommend

Bronze – a good game

Silver – a great game

Gold – a fantastic game

Platinum  – a masterpiece

Using this system the reader is able to quickly cut out the chaff and just get to that sweet, sweet gaming wheat- and we think that’s what a review website should be about.